Prime Ministers Questions

Yes, order in the courts of men Bring order to my thoughts to then Unleash the slaughter on to them Shred apart ideas and start again with fear from the ash of bones a stronger home beneath no throne.   Who are you to order us, resorting to all sorts of unjust means to stay […]

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An Update

Over the last few weeks and months lots of things have happened.  It started in Fate. I will give no details.  Suffice to say, the outcome is the important thing in this. This is it: Life is short. Do what you love, live in your passions and be happy. Now, it’s never quite as simple as […]

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I apologise for the lack of blog posts of late. I’m recovering from open shoulder surgery and am unable to sit and type, let alone write by hand. I’ll be back soon.

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I Am Believer

I’m a firm believer in “Do as you would be done by”. Don’t treat me like a fool because I’m a nice guy, I don’t act like these arrogant tools you see. Manners and respect cost nothing, and let’s face it: You never get anything behaving like that. I’m a firm believer in “Life isn’t […]

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This is a collage poem crafted using 1 part Found Text and 2 Parts Original Writing.  For every line of Found Text – I have written two (one on either side).  I discovered Collage poetry and the idea of using Found Text while at University studying Creative Writing. Something about using existing words in an […]

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