This piece is called Fight.  As you guessed it’s about fighting back against life when it tries to pull you down.  It’s also a reminder that even in the depths of despair,  when you truly feel like there is no way out, you still have to fight and carry on because guess what?  IT WILL […]

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Let me know what you think.   Forces unleash across the ether, That defines the terms of life here and now.  Be afraid, Chaos drives your fate, the strings that clutch Your Cradle burn and break be afraid. Sleep with one eye open The force repeats, pulses and irradiates your whole Gases burn, the flames […]

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I Gaze

I gaze upon the page that bears the thoughts I have that are mine, I have shared them with you I gaze into the depths of the pictures I have painted, that are yours to look, laugh or cry at I gaze upon the pen that was a blade that was mine to wield, slashing […]

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When Words Work

Today’s poem is called “When Words Work”.  This one was written in Early 2013.  There was a stage them where I was accidentally focusing on alliteration or should I say accidentally ended up using a lot of it.   When words work to fulfill their worth, when the mind ticks and the cogs whir the […]

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Today is going to be a productive day; I can feel it. Recently, I’ve been going through boxes full of old writing.  I’m a hoarder for the record, but, only when it comes to things I’ve written. In fact, I’m fairly confident I can say that I’ve got a copy of everything I’ve ever written […]

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I Have Anger

Here is the first piece of poetry for you all. It’s called “I Have Anger” and was written around 2013 in one sitting.  It took about 10 minutes. I have anger in my heart, no way to get it out.  I have anger in my heart, without shadow, without doubt. I have anger and it […]

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In The Beginning…

I’ve always wanted to write a blog.  I’ve always made excuses not to write a blog as well – whether that’s down to not having enough time, not having anything to say or simply just not wanting to sit down and write one. Now it’s a bit different.  I feel like there needs to be […]

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